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Physiological effects

The positive physiological effects of our drinks based on the clinical research of the European Food Safety Authority.

The vitamin C contributes to normal immune system function and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

The vitamin B6 contributes to normal red cell production and the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion.

The vitamin B12 helps maintain normal psychological function and contributes to the normal operation of the nervous system.

A D vitamin hozzájárul az immunrendszer normál működéséhez az egészséges csontozat és izom funkció fenntartásához.

The vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision and a normal skin condition.

The vitamin E helps protect the cells against oxidative stress.

The calcium required for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones and contributes to normal muscular function.

The magesziumcontributes to the maintenance of normal psychological function and plays a role in cell division.

A Cink hozzájárul a normál látás fenntartásához, a bőr és a haj normál állapotának fenntartásához.

The niacin is involved in the normal, energy generating metabolic processészt vesz a normál energiaterme and assists normal nervous system operation.

The pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance.

The biotine involved in the normal metabolism of macro nutrients and contributes to the maintenance of a normal hair condition.

Home delivery